The Benefits of Plastics

Plastic materials deliver significant social, environmental and economic benefits, including energy and resource savings, consumer protection and innovations that improve health care, reduce food spoilage and improve quality of life. For society to receive these benefits, it is essential to properly manage plastics so that litter does not threaten our natural environment, including waterways and marine ecosystems.

CPIA’s Commitment 

CPIA is committed to the principle that plastics do not belong in the world’s waterways and oceans and should not be littered – plastics should be responsibly used, reused, recycled and finally recovered for their energy value.  

CPIA along with 46 plastics industry organizations from around the world is a signatory to a "Joint Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter” - industry’s commitment to work with the government, NGO’s and other stakeholders to prevent marine litter.


Operation Clean Sweep® 

OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP® *(OCS) is an international program designed to prevent pellet, flake and powder loss and the potential introduction of pellets to the marine environment where they create both a litter problem and a threat to sea life and wild life. The essence of OCS is to help each segment of our industry including resin producers, transporters, bulk terminal operators and plastics processors to implement good housekeeping and pellet, flake and powder containment practices towards achieving zero pellet, flake and power loss.  

CPIA is the Canadian licensee of OCS and will promote the program to the Canadian plastics value chain.

OCS Blue is a new, data-driven VIP member offering available to current OCS members. The new member level will act as a recognition for companies excelling within the existing program, allowing them to showcase data and basic metrics that will be helpful reporting tools as OCS continues to grow and gain broad industry support.

Join your fellow industry colleagues by taking the pledge to be an Operation Clean Sweep® partner or supporter

Operation Clean Sweep ® Partners are companies that manufacture or handle resin pellets, flakes or powders. As stated above, pledging as a partner shows your commitment to the environment and gives you access to resources and support from the OCS team to help implement the standards set by the program. It also celebrates organizations that are already operating by these standards.

Operation Clean Sweep ® Supporters are organizations (for-profit or non-profit companies; incorporated trade associations; and unincorporated coalitions) that do not qualify for partnership (i.e., do not manufacture or handle resin pellets) but support the efforts of OCS to prevent pellet loss in the environment. Supporters play a crucial part in helping to spread the word and further reduce pellet loss to the environment.

Partner Pledge    Supporter Pledge

Completing this pledge will qualify your company's name to be added (unless otherwise specified) to the list of OCS Program Partners in Canada. Pledging will help strengthen your company’s:  

  • contribution to preserving water quality and wildlife
  • compliance with federal, provincial and municipal regulation.
  • employee health & safety program
  • operational efficiency
  • financial bottom line and,
  • reputation in the community  

Implementation of Operation Clean Sweep®

The OCS manual has been developed to assist companies in implementing OCS as part of their journey towards zero pellet loss. It contains guidelines and management tools required for successful implementation of the program. Each procedure contained in the manual may or may not be applicable to specific companies.  

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The OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP® program trademark is owned by the Society of Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI). Use of the mark indicates a pledged commitment to implement the OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP® program, but does not indicate certification by SPI or compliance with any applicable laws.