No Such Thing as Ordinary Packaging


The unique versatility of plastics coupled with the complex demands placed on today's packaged products, make plastics an essential component of modern packaging.

Few of us realize how complex packaging design decisions have become to meet changing consumer demands. Beyond contain, protect, preserve, inform, transport, todays packaging decisions are driven by a host of new challenges:

  • the demographic shift to an aging population and the increasing number of smaller households,
  • fast-paced lifestyles, working Moms,
  • the obesity epidemic,
  • increased food safety concerns related to tamper-evident packaging and bio-terrorism,
  • demands for more extensive labelling,
  • and the call for more environmentally responsible packaging.

Retailers have responded with innovations in intelligent packaging. There are portion-controlled packages, modified-atmosphere packages, aseptic packages, temperature-controlled packages, vacuum-sealed packaging, flexible pouch and film packaging, and in-store self-serve packaging. Much of this innovation has been enabled by plastic. Because of its many unique properties, it has become the heavy lifter providing design solutions.