Efficient Packaging Conserves Resources


Plastics: The most efficient packaging choice for conserving resources

When it comes to sustainability, plastics are the most efficient packaging material on the market. They have high strength to weight ratios which means they can be made thinner than alternative materials thus providing maximum protection with the minimum of amount of material. In Europe, close to 50% of all packaged consumer goods use some type of plastic, but they account for only 17% of household waste by weight.

In fact, plastics offer a lower product to package weight ratio than other packaging materials. Out of all packaging materials, plastic packaging on average accounts for by far the lowest proportion of a products total weight just 3 g per 100g. Other packaging materials require up to 10 times more weight. Imagine the savings plastics realize in transport fuel alone.

This means that intelligent plastic packaging conserves resources by minimizing the amount of material used. Less material means less energy consumed in manufacturing and in transport resulting in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) emissions.