Why Plastic Packaging is Important

Agriculture Clamshells - Pactiv Canada

Plastic clamshellPlastic packaging has provided an intelligent solution to food wastage in every country where it is employed. Levels of food wastage drop from close to 50% to just 3% in countries like Canada with the use of plastic food packaging. An excellent example is the PET rigid berry clamshell which is highly engineered to protect field berries from being crushed. This new generation of berry clamshells with its ridged design and sealable lid prevents loss through spillage as well as crushing. Air vents located in the lid top and bottom edges allow the fruit to breathe to reduce decaying moisture build-up, which helps to extend the life of the fruit on its journey from field to home. The vented package design also has the added convenience of making the container a perfect strainer when washing the fruit. (Photo Courtesy of Pactiv Canada)

Cut Veggie, Fruit and Salad Containers - Par-Pak Ltd.

Plastic ContainerIntelligent plastic food packaging is all about intelligent design used to address the challenges facing society today - fast-paced lifestyles, the obesity epidemic, and the trend to smaller households with the aging population. Par Pak veggie and fruit platters and rigid containers made from PETE plastic offer an intelligent solution. They are designed to offer consumers a convenient and healthy diet choice in single-serving sizes or in larger tray formats for an entire family. For those who want to replace the potato chip snack but do not have time to cut up veggies or fruit, these plastic containers offer an important, healthy choice in the battle of the bulge. The packaging also offers an intelligent solution to food wastage. Consumers no longer have to go to the expense of purchasing a number of different vegetables, fruits or salad greens which they may or may not use and which could end up in the composter. (Photo Courtesy of Par-Pak Ltd.)

Green Manufacturing - Par-Pak Ltd.

Green manufacturingPar Pak believes strongly that the intelligent food packaging demanded today by the marketplace must be driven by intelligent manufacturing. That means state-of-the-art greening of the manufacturing process. At Par Pak, sustainability and conservation infuses every aspect of the organization. From cutting-edge energy management tools, closed-loop cooling and heating systems to even biodegradable cleaning products, Par Pak works to reduce energy use, carbon emissions, water consumption, minimize the use of resins and offer environmental packaging that is reusable and recyclable. New high-efficiency lighting has saved millions of kilowatt hours of electricity and has actually led to productivity improvements due to better lighting. And significant reductions in carbon emissions have been achieved by reducing reliance upon truck transport by 74% through a series of initiatives including use of railway cars. (Photo Courtesy of Par-Pak Ltd.)

Earth Choice Smart Container - Pactiv Canada

Polystyrene containerThis new rigid food package is an excellent example of at-source reduction. With resource conservation in mind, Pactiv has developed a new intelligent plastic container that uses one of the latest innovations in new hybrid plastic materials talc-filled polypropylene. This state-of-the-art new plastic enables a 40% reduction in the polypropylene resin used to make the container. The natural mineral talc magnesium silicate most commonly found in talcum or baby powder is blended with the plastic resin, polypropylene, as a filler. The containers are engineered to resist grease, moisture and help eliminate messy leaking. They are freezer safe and microwavable with an audible click closure that indicates a secure closure. This intelligent plastic packaging is ideal for hot food take-out. (Photo Courtesy of Pactiv Canada)