Intelligent Plastics In Our Lives

Intelligent Plastics – What They Are

Plastics - the material of the possible. Their intelligent application has made much of modern life possible. Synonymous with innovation and invention, "intelligent" plastics have revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives – from how we grow our food, heat our homes, communicate with each other, to the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the packaged foods we purchase, and how we receive medical care. 

Life Cycle Impacts of Plastic Packaging Compared to Substitutes in the United States and Canada: Theoretical Substitution Analysis (2018)

Study from Trucost Finds Plastics Reduce Environmental Costs by Nearly 4 Times Compared to Alternatives (2016) >

Plastic Packaging and the Environment - Is plastic packaging bad for the environment ?

Intelligent plastics are highly engineered solutions

“Intelligent" plastics surround us; they make our lives easier; they protect those who protect us; they keep us from harm; they conserve our resources. They have even enabled space exploration. Lycra®, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Dacron®, Teflon®, Lexan® and Gortex®  are just a few examples of the intelligent plastics that have made modern life possible.