Recycling Council of Alberta China Sword Market Update Workshop Oct.11, 2017

By Joe Hruska, Vice President Sustainability, CPAI

Oct. 11, 2017 - CPIA and Alberta Plastics Recycling Association as sponsor of the conference led and moderated a two hour session ( ) on the impacts and future of recycling to an audience of recycling stakeholders interested in how they can adapt to the new global marketing challenges now that China has announced to the World Trade Organization (WTO) it will not allow imports of plastics, paper and other commodities.

China is on a path to clean up its recycling industry, restrict imported materials containing contaminates and develop its own Circular Economy by sourcing recyclable materials from within its borders.  

Guest panelists Mark Badger, Executive Vice President of Canada Fibers and President of the Urban Resource Group of Companies and Bill Stitt, General Manager Cascades Recovery along with the moderator Joe Hruska, V. P. Sustainability CPIA, filled the two hour interactive session presenting their views on the future of recycling while tackling questions and comments from the audience of over 150 – 200 delegates.

The main message was focused on recyclers providing quality feedstocks to manufacturers and developing more local markets in North America while accessing other global markets in the interim. A global status report supplied by Robin K Wiener, President,   Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. and CPIA’s Canadian Update along with its soon to be launched markets reporting tool for CHINA stranded shipments of materials was presented by Hruska to set the stage for the interactive session.  

CPIA thanks and congratulates Mark Badger, Bill Stitt and Robin Wiener for their participation and expert advice appreciated by all at the conference and the Recycling Council of Alberta for helping to pull together this session.