June is Bustin' Out All Over

By Carol Hochu, President and CEO, CPIA

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we’ve had a “bustin” June here at CPIA. Witness the following…

    • The latest additions to the CPIA staff team – Aine Curran, Director General, Issues and Krista Friesen, VP Sustainability – have been on board for a few weeks now. They are actively reaching out to members and other stakeholders and while I’m sure they feel like they are drinking from the proverbial fire hose, they are already making fine contributions to our efforts. Please join me in welcoming them to CPIA!
    • Krista and I travelled to Alberta for productive and successful meetings with representatives from Imperial Oil Limited, NOVA Chemicals, along with other CPIA members, prospects and others via the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association annual general meeting. Thanks for the warm welcome, sparking conversation, fresh air and blue sky!
    • Our Annual General Meeting of members took place on June 19 where the CPIA Board of Directors was elected, the 2013 audited financial statements approved (2 thumbs up for the modest surplus and clean audit opinion!), the firms of KPMG LLP appointed as auditors, and changes to CPIA bylaws in order to conform with requirements of the new Canada’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act were approved – whew! As a bonus, attendees enjoyed an engaging and insightful presentation by Robert Hogue, Senior Economist at the Royal Bank of Canada on “The outlook for the Canadian economy: Gathering momentum on the long road to recovery”. We are hoping to schedule Robert for a repeat performance of his presentation via webinar so tuned for further details!
    • Recognized and celebrated several individuals and companies for their dedication to excellence at our Plastics Industry Leadership Awards Dinner. Congratulations to Leader of the Year Mark Daniels of Hilex Poly; Dr. Patrick Moore, retired Principal of Greenspirit Strategies for his Lifetime Achievement Award; Canplast Award winners of Cathy Cirko (retired CPIA VP), Charles Russell of NOVA Chemicals, and Michel Iliesco of Cascades; Innovator Mark Lichtblau of Haremar Manufacturing; and Sustainability winners Francois Beauchesne & Polyform Cellular Plastics, and Mathieu Roberge & Cascades. Hearty congratulations to all our award winners – your success is our success and lifts all of us to higher heights!  And of course, thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their generous support: Dow Chemical; IPEX; Imperial Oil Limited; NOVA Chemicals; Plastics Protect; BASF Biopolymers; and IPL.
    • Enjoyed an enthralling and entertaining presentation by Ezra Levant, our awards dinner speaker. Bestselling and award-winning author of “Ethical Oil”, Ezra’s presentation focussed on his latest book “Groundswell – the case for fracking”. Levant looked at fracking’s enemies and debunked claims about contaminated groundwater, fracking chemicals and earthquakes. He also expounded the virtues of fracking including significant job and wealth creation, lower CO2 emissions and most importantly, increased political freedom. Always provocative, Ezra’s presentation was timely, topical and enjoyed by all. But don’t take it from me, here’s what a few attendees had to say about the day’s events…
        • “I am just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the CPIA Awards Dinner. Your staff did a wonderful job as always and the food was excellent. I think that everyone enjoyed Ezra’s presentation. I overheard a couple of attendees commenting about how interesting his speech was.”
        • “Best AGM in the last decade, congrats”
        • “I thought it was a great day yesterday for all events – Board meeting, Annual General Meeting, and Awards ceremony. Congratulations to you and all the staff for a job well done!”

      By the time you read this, “School’s out for the summer!” Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the summer. The CPIA staff team certainly will but we also look forward to continuing the momentum that’s building and enjoying a bustin’ July and August too!