full Steam Ahead

By Carol Hochu, President and CEO, CPIA

Now that we’ve officially waved goodbye to 2014, Team CPIA is working hard to ensure that 2015 will be a great year for your business. Our New Year’s resolution is to help you achieve new heights of success and growth. And here’s a preview of the activities designed to do just that…


On the Post-Use front (i.e. diverting plastics from landfill into recycling and energy from waste programs), in addition to on-going projects, Krista Friesen, CPIA’s VP Sustainability and the Post-Use Committee (under the guidance of Tim Bean, Imperial Oil) have a number of exciting new projects on the docket for 2015 including:

    • Engaging the grocery sector to participate in a pilot project for non-bottle PP and HDPE rigids like pails  
    • Supporting efforts to increase recycling rates of all PET beverage containers in the ICI (industrial, commercial, institutional) sectors by stimulating collection of beverage bottles and drink cups at events and open facilities like golf courses and marathons, and  
    • Encouraging municipal collection of PS in communities across Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.  

    CPIA Councils

    Our Plastic Film Manufacturers Association of Canada (PFMAC) and Vinyl Council of Canada (VCC) councils are re-populated, re-engaged and raring to go, under the guidance of Chairs Abe Looy (Chantler Packaging) and Veso Sobot (IPEX), respectively and CPIA Director General, Aiñe Curran!

      • The PFMAC has named 2 sub-committees focussed on events and advocacy. The Events Sub-Committee has selected a new golf tournament venue (Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham) and a new date (May 27), so mark your calendars and make plans to join them! The Advocacy Sub-Committee is looking to educate and engage young people on the importance of plastics; stay tuned for more info as their plans unfold.  
      • The VCC has entered into a two-year partnership agreement with the McGillivary Group where Scott McGillivary (real estate investor, contractor, and host of the award-winning hit series “Income Property” on HGTV) will promote all things vinyl. In addition, VCC will be unveiling some exciting new communications tools designed to engage and excite current and prospective VCC members, like a new micro-website (http://vinylisbeautiful.com) and a Twitter presence – details to follow!  

      CPIA Events

      So far, three CPIA events have been developed to meet your networking and educational needs including January 27’s “Sustainability throughout the Plastics Lifecycle” information session; March 24’s “Canada Night Reception at NPE 2015”, and June 15’s “CPIA Industry Leadership Awards Dinner”. Check your inbox or plastics.ca for further information including how to register.


      There is no lack of legislative, regulatory, technical, and other issues to occupy Aiñe Curran and our members. Their goal is to develop proactive strategies that successfully advance issues such as…

        • Our Plastic Bag Task Force has reassembled following success in overturning the City of Toronto’s 2012 attempt to ban bags, this time to prevent deselection of the plastic carryout shopping bag in the City of Montreal.  
        • Our Vapour Barrier group will be embarking on a process to reaffirm the vapour barrier standard, working closely with the Canadian General Standards Board.  
        • The VCC is working on the next iteration of the Environmental Performance Agreement for Tin Stabilizers with Environment Canada (EC). All final documents have now been exchanged between VCC and EC with sign-off expected by senior Ministry officials in March.  
        • And CPIA is actively engaged in the Chemical Management Plan, a joint initiative of Health Canada and EC.  

        I hope you’ll agree that CPIA is forging ahead with a dynamic and dramatic 2015 agenda. With a new senior management team and new ideas, we are drawing new members to our ranks (check out the details of our just launched "Member Get-A-Member Campaign) and increasing member engagement – momentum is definitely building! But we can’t do it without you; together, let’s build an amazing 2015! To that end, all Voting Reps of CPIA member firms should have received in December a membership renewal package that included among other things a letter that reinforced CPIA’s value, and asked for your continued commitment and support. In addition, CPIA’s one page annual report to members details our many 2014 accomplishments.

        Thanks to the many firms who have already renewed their membership – we appreciate your support and look forward to your participation in this great year ahead. And if you have any questions regarding membership renewal, contact me or any of our Team CPIA.