FREE Webinar for CPIA Members: Reshoring - Taking back manufacturing

Thu, Nov 12, 2015 - Thu, Nov 12, 2015

1:00 - 2:00 pm EST

Reshoring will be essential for both Sustainable Supply Chains and Balanced National Economies in the future.

CPIA invites members to attend a FREE webinar by local expert Nigel Southway, who will provide an update on the latest global trends, the reshoring initiatives, sustainable supply chain concepts and how the events that are unfolding will affect us all.

The Globalized manufacturing approach with efficient supply chain management has been the business norm in the last 2 decades and many experts now predict yet another sea change underway to move to a more balanced sourcing approach involving reshoring and more localized trade blocs.

The logic of Sustainable supply chains and a returned focus on LEAN business practices utilizing advanced manufacturing technology throughout the whole supply chain will significantly impact how business will be done, and will be the next initiative that many business leaders and managers will have to understand and react toward.

imgJKaMPygEim.pngNigel Southway, C.Eng. IEEE. MSc BIM. SME. Author

Author of CYCLE TIME MANAGEMENT ...Fast Track to Time Based Productivity Improvement …. A ground breaking LEAN Thinking text book on the concept and implementation of Business Cycle Time reduction and continuous improvement.

For three decades he has provided consulting coaching and education on Business Productivity Improvement and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering to all types of business sectors and helps assists in developing a Vision, Strategy and Evolution plan to attack waste, capture productivity improvements, increase profits, and become more competitive in the global market.

Nigel is the leading advocate and public speaker for the Take Back Manufacturing Forum and the North American Reshoring initiative in Canada.

This is a FREE webinar for CPIA members.