CPIA Ontario Plastics Recovery Seminar

Tue, Jun 21, 2011 - Tue, Jun 21, 2011

imgWicbGCqoMO.pngCPIA hosted a half-day “PLASTICS RECOVERY SEMINAR”. The seminar featured leading-edge retailer, industry and municipal speakers on how sustainability goals and objectives are influencing the expanded use of plastics and creating opportunities for greater recycling and recovery of plastics for energy.

Who Attended:

Retailers, brand owners, plastic companies as well as governmental officials who wanted to hear first-hand from the experts.


Plastics packaging growth is expected to be 4.5% per annum which will require this resource to be managed in and economically and environmentally sustainable way.  

With the knowledge gained from leading-edge speakers:

    • Retailers and brand owners can be more effective in their decision-making through elevated awareness about current and emerging systems & technologies for managing plastics at-end-of life;
    • Plastic companies can better support retailer/brand owner sustainability goals for plastic packaging through partnerships and complimentary initiatives for recovering plastics;
    • Government officials will better understand how public policy can assist sustainability goals and help expand opportunities to manage waste streams in their 4R’s programs.   

    See Agenda below for summaries of the presentations.