Sustainable Chemistry Summit

Fri, Sep 16, 2011 - Sun, Sep 18, 2011


About the Sustainable Chemistry Summit:

Green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, has tremendous potential to benefit our environment and our lives. Industries around the world are looking for clean, sustainable chemical alternatives that eliminate or minimize environmental damage while also reducing waste and energy consumption. Meanwhile, researchers across the globe are discovering greener chemical processes and products with the potential to address global challenges such as sustainability and climate change.

The challenge is finding ways to connect these discoveries with the industries that need them. The Sustainable Chemistry Summit offers an intensive, three-day opportunity for these groups to meet, learn, and ultimately address the global challenges of sustainability and climate change.

The Sustainable Chemistry Summits theme, From Lab to Market, advances GreenCentre Canadas mandate to partner emerging green chemistry technologies with market applications. Offering expert speakers and themed discussions, the summit gives you a rare, first-hand look at green chemistrys innovators and their work in university research labs and in industry.