RCO Knowledge Sessions 2017 Advancing the Circular Economy

Thu, Jun 08, 2017 - Thu, Jun 08, 2017

Accelerating Circular Economic Behaviour and Waste Reduction in the IC&I Sector

Presented by Recycling Council of Ontario

Circular economy is becoming a widely-used term that provides an important platform beyond historical concepts of the 3Rs and waste reduction. It introduces resource efficiency that expands our collective thinking on how we produce and consume materials. Transitioning to a circular economy requires production and consumption shifts that can be furthered through policy development, market practices, and behavioural change.

RCO is pleased host and facilitate a new trio of Knowledge Sessions in 2017 that aim to educate and empower members, interested stakeholders and the public to better understand, support, and accelerate the transition from a linear model of take-make-dispose to a circular economy.

The series will inform participants on the theory of circular economy and how it is creating change around the globe. It will offer businesses, policymakers, and organizations innovative examples that outline ideas and opportunities how to leverage this emerging economic model. 

Waste reduction is a key performance indicator for environmental performance and facility management efficiency. Given the direct links between waste elimination, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and growing policy interest in advancing Canada's circular economy, there are exciting opportunities to rethink procurement practices, on-site operations, and customer and vendor relations. 

All Knowledge Sessions are full-day forums (lunch included) and at the Beanfield Centre in Toronto.

Early Bird Special! CPIA Members Save $75 when registering before May 25.

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