Seminar & Tour of Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) Edmonton, Alberta

Wed, Oct 05, 2011 - Wed, Oct 05, 2011

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Alberta Plastics Recycling Association and the American Chemistry Council are proud to sponsor the seminar and tour in conjunction with the annual conference of the Recycling Council of Alberta and with the generous support of the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Centre of Excellence.

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Who should attend?
Brand owners, retailers, elected officials & regulators, plastics convertors, media, and others should not miss this opportunity!


Edmonton, Alberta is North America’s largest collection of leading-edge waste processing and research facilities.  This unique, fully integrated waste management facility will divert from landfill 90% of Edmonton’s residential solid waste stream (from the current 60%) with its latest waste-to-biofuels facility additions.  

This seminar and tour is your opportunity to see and hear about leading-edge waste management technologies – from recycling and composting to the production of alternative fuels and chemicals by converting plastic and biomass residues remaining after recycling and composting.  

Who will be speaking at the seminar?

During the pre-tour seminar at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) attendees will hear from four speakers working at the leading edge with the most innovative waste processing technologies.  

This seminar will overview the EWMC and provide more detail on the latest waste-to-biofuels and advanced energy research facility additions.

    • Bud Latta (City of Edmonton) - The Edmonton Waste Management Centre: Open for Business
    • Duke du Plessis (Alberta Innovates) and Dr. Surindar Singh (Alberta Innovates) - Alberta's Alternative Energy Mandate
    • David Lynch (ENERKEM Inc.) - Waste-to-Biofuels Facility
    • Julius Pretorius (Alberta Innovates) - Syngas Utilization Using Fischer-Tropsch Technologies

    What will you see on the tour?  

    Attendees will have a choice of two tours: 

    Tour Option A – Advanced Energy Research Facility 

    This tour builds on the pre-tour seminar to provide a detailed look at the Advanced Energy Research Facility.  It will also review the integrated Processing and Transfer Facility as well as the Waste-to-Biofuels Facility, currently under construction.  

    Advanced Energy Research Facility (AERF)

    This research facility focuses on the development of innovative technologies capable of converting residual biomass and other waste feedstocks (including plastics) into a new generation of biofuels and green chemicals, thereby enabling researchers, technology developers, and companies to promote commercialization efforts in these areas. The AERF houses a pilot plant based on Enerkem’s proprietary technology and a biofuel laboratory for advanced biofuel research work.   

    Integrated Process and Transfer Facility (IPTF)

    This facility has three distinct operations: a waste transfer station; a pre-processing operation; and a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) plant. Waste is mechanically and manually sorted and transferred to the appropriate downstream facilities: composting of the organic fractions; recycling of all remaining cardboard, metals and plastics; and creation of a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from the non-recyclable, non-compostable waste stream.  Currently the transfer station and pre-processing stages at the IPTF are operational.  

    Waste-to-Biofuels Production Facility

    Enerkem’s commercial biofuels production facility will utilize proprietary technology to convert Edmonton’s sorted non-recyclable plastics and non-compostable municipal solid waste (MSW).  The culmination of several years of research and over 4,000 hours of piloting and testing of over 25 different types of feedstocks, the facility will turn 100,000 dry tonnes of municipal waste into 36 million litres of ethanol and green chemicals per year.  

    Tour Option B Overview of Edmonton Waste Management Centre

    This tour will include high-level highlights of the integrated waste management system at the EWMC, including:

      • Materials Recovery facility
      • Edmonton Composting Facility
      • Construction and Demolition Recycling facility
      • Waste-to-Biofuels facility, feedstock preparation and research facillities

      How will your day unfold?

      10:30am    Shuttle bus departs RCA conference hotel

      11:00am    Seminar begins at EWMC

      12:30pm    Light lunch

      1:00pm      Site Visit A and Site Visit B begin

      2:30pm      Shuttle bus departs EWMC for RCA conference hotel

      How to register

      You can partake in the seminar and tour in two different ways, as follows:  

        1. Should you wish to attend the Recycling Council of Alberta conference from Oct 5 to 7, the seminar and tour are included in your registration fee; or,
        2. For a separate fee, you can choose to take part only in the seminar and tour on October 5;

        All registrations will be handled by the Recycling Council of Alberta.  To participate in this exciting seminar and tour, please register at