CPIA Board of Directors

Chair: Sarah Marshall, NOVA Chemicals Corporation 
Vice-Chair: Rob Miller, Wittmann Canada
Treasurer: Mark Lichtblau, Inteplast Bag & Film Corporation
President & CEO: Carol Hochu, CPIA (ex-officio)

Sean Dennis, Trademark Plastics
Hugues Rouleau, IPL Inc.
Jon Pyper, The Dow Chemical Company
Kevin McTavish, Drader Manufacturing
Laurie Borg, NexCycle Canada Inc.
Leo Mayette, Cascades Flexible Packaging
Mark Badger, Urban Polymers
Tony Moucachen, Merlin Plastics/Van Waste Co.
Tyler Kilgannon, Clariant (Canada) Inc. 
Joel Rudolph, Farnell Packages   
Gilles Lacoste, Imperial Oil Limited   
Michael Green, CKF   
Solenne Brouard, Polystyvert