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Intelligent Plastics


The CPIA is committed to the responsible use and recovery of plastic resources.  As a leading authority on Canadian plastics waste management, CPIA facilitates the development of sustainable programs to effectively manage plastics waste. CPIA acts as a one-stop resource on end-of-life management of plastics for municipalities, consumer product manufacturers and their suppliers, recyclers, provincial agencies and the educational community.   

Members include suppliers of raw materials, machinery, molds and fabricators of plastic materials. These members supply plastics to manufacturers of consumer products (i.e. brand owners) in markets such as transportation, electronics, construction, packaging and furniture.  

Members are supported by a team of professionals with specific expertise in recycling, waste management, the environment and communications.   For a history please download the following brochure: A Decade in Review

What we do  

  • Work in partnership with governments, NGO’s and the entire plastics industry supply chain to increase the diversion of plastics from landfill in a sustainable, environmental and economic manner.
  • Keep various levels of government and NGO’s informed and up-to-date on plastics waste management technologies and processes.
  • Provide information on plastics’ environmental performance attributes and benefits in resource conservation over the entire life cycle of plastic products.
  • Help to expand the infrastructure for the municipal recycling of plastics via research and demonstrations
  • Provide “Best Practices” and “tools” to make plastics recycling cost efficient.
  • Help develop recycling markets for plastics.
  • Engage stakeholders in developing strategies for the recovery of plastics.
  • Provide educational tools for the Canadian teaching community.
  • Represent the industry on policy and regulatory initiatives dealing with end-of-life management for plastics.

Our position

CPIA believes that industry should demonstrate to government and the public that it is taking a leadership role in encouraging environmentally and economically sustainable end-of-life plastics management. CPIA supports:

  • A shared approach to product stewardship
  • Government policies, which foster the competitiveness of the plastics industry
  • Plastics recycling that is economically and environmentally sustainable.
  • An integrated approach to waste management, which includes source reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and retention in landfill.

Position statements:

Over the years, CPIA has taken a position on specific issues related to plastics recycling:

  • Green Building
  • Integrated solid waste management
  • Landfill bans
  • Mandated recycle rate and content
  • Position on Canada’s Climate Change Implementation Plan
  • Position on Degradable Plastics
  • Position Statement on Bioplastics
  • Position statement on Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP)
  • Product and resin bans
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Resin coding
  • Waste Management and GHG emissions position statement

Product Stewardship:

CPIA also believes in Product Stewardship. Product Stewardship involves many different stakeholder groups that have their own role to play during the life cycle of a product. It is the identification of these stakeholders and their accompanying responsibilities that are at the centre of CPIA's Product Stewardship Model.  

Stewardship Throughout the Life Cycle of a Product

Product Stewardship Model

Waste Management Special Supplement 

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