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Intelligent Plastics

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Canada’s Educational Community

The following resources have been designed to inform educators about the science behind plastics and the different roles that plastics play in society – from automotive and packaging applications to purifying water in third-world countries. The range of resources includes specific lesson plans and curricula written for elementary and secondary instructors – from kindergarten to grade 11. Also available are on-line games, fun activities, science experiments and comprehensive information on plastics recycling, including the increasing number of valuable products that are made from recycled plastics.  

This site is hosted by the CPIA, which is committed to sustainable plastics recycling and to minimizing plastic waste sent to landfill.

CPIA holds an annual Anti-Litter Calendar contest, where students are invited to submit posters designed to encourage change in littering behaviour. The top 13 entries are used in an annual Calendar. For more information and to download the latest calendar, click here.

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